**Click on the name of the project to view all project videos**

Students Who Work–I worked with Ms. Lord-Morgan from Cherokee High School in New Jersey on a video project that focused on students who work. Students who work in different countries around the world answered the same 10 questions about their jobs. The questions were:

1. How much money do you make per hour?
2. How many hours a week do you work?
3. What do you usually buy with the money you get from working?
4. What is the most interesting part of your job?
5. Does your job make studying difficult?
6. Do many of your friends also work? If so, what percent of your friends work?
7. Is there an opportunity to advance in your job?
8. In (your country), what types of things could you buy with $25?
9. Can you afford to own a car thanks to your job?
10. What type of job do you think you will have in five years?

Sample video: Natalia talks about her job at a call center in Costa Rica

Spanish/English Videos–I worked with Ms. Peterson, a Spanish teacher from Birchwood High School in Wisconsin, on a video project in which students made videos in their non-native languages. My students in Spanish-speaking countries practiced their English by making videos in English that described local foods, traditions, and sports. Students in Ms. Peterson’s Spanish classes made similar videos in Spanish about their home country and their lives.

Sample video: Three students from Kamuk School in Costa Rica present a commercial for a fictional Costa Rican fruit company, Del-Rican Fruits (Del-Rican = combination of the words ‘Delicious’ and ‘Costa Rican’)


Cultural TraditionsI worked with Mr. Maniscalco from Bradford Elementary School in New Jersey on a video project about cultural traditions. Videos posted here show different cultural traditions I encountered along my route. From street festivals to birthdays, events captured in the videos for this project represent the cultures that created them. Mr. Maniscalco also showed his students pictures and text posts from the Teacher on Two Wheels website to generate in-class discussion about cultures from around the world. 

Sample video: Birthday celebration in Heredia, Costa Rica. Just like in the states, Costa Ricans often celebrate birthdays by having a family party, eating cake, blowing out birthday candles, and singing “Happy Birthday” (in Spanish of course!)

Race in Literature–I worked with Ms. Baran from West Orange High School in New Jersey on a project about race. I asked the same nine race-related questions to different people in the southern states of the U.S. Each question addressed a certain issue that was raised by related texts in her American Literature class. The nine questions:

1. How do you feel about use of the N-word? How often do you hear it? How is it used?
2. Do you have any non-white friends?
3. How do you feel about interracial couples? Do you often see interracial couples?
4. What types of racism do you witness in your daily life?
5. How have people of other races affected the area in which you live?
6. What is your opinion on the immigration issue in the United States?
7. Do you and your family have any personal connection to slavery?
8. What, if any, are some of the prejudices southerners have about northerners?
9. Do you think it’s possible to still feel the effects of slavery in your area?

**Note: If you live in the U.S. and would like to post a video response to the videos I posted, a response in which you answer the nine questions above, please feel free to do so! I know that I was only able to capture a limited perspective on race during my ride through the U.S. Please help students gain a broader perspective of this complex issue by posting a video response of your own. Thank you in advance!**

Sample Video: Perry in Houma, Louisiana


  1. hi my names rebecca
    u might remeber me i was in mr.m’s class in bradford u came today to talk about what u were doing.i think it is so cool that u are biking so far
    i have question
    since u travle do many diffrent places u must know more than one langue so how many langues do u know?
    have good trip!

  2. it’s me again i have been going on the computer alot today and i just want to say hi and we did not need to hear about roadkill hahaha email me buy

  3. Hi I’m like rebecca’s BFF were dying to know if your going hitch hiking yet!!

  4. Hi Mr.Morgan,
    I am in Mr. M’s class. I just wanted to know how many places you have been in and did you make any new friends. If you did, e-mail me back telling me about your new freinds. I hope your having fun on your bike ride and your new classes.
    P.S-Did you learn any new langues? PLEASE E-MAIL ME BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. BYE!!!

  5. hi ! r u haveing fun? Have you gone hitch hiking yet? I’m Taylor and Rebecca’s friend Have you been to a sports games yet?

    ~ L

  6. Hi Mr. Morgan! Are you having fun on your trip? Sorry about you foot feel better! I’m from Roselle I wanted to know if you passed it on your way out of montclair. I also go to North and South Carolina for vaction I love it there I hope you do too. Bye!

    ~ Taylor

  7. have you lost that shadow yet?

  8. hi it’s rebecca from mr.m ‘s class i was wondering when you started to think about doing this trip what were the things and you wanted to take out of the trip like what did you want to find out .How much of a different person do you think this will make you.When that man told you that bikeing is the best way to travle across the world did you think he was crazy ,i sure did!since you have travled alot what is the best place you went to ,and what is the best part of it .

  9. Hey Andrew!

    I was on the 2006 Beejapan team that passed thru your Nagano town.

    Nice website. Nice idea. Nice equipment choices.

    I am currently in Portland, OR. I have learned a bit about bikes since my touring days with beejapan.

    Mr. Boller has given me your address. I am impressed and looking forward to learning more through your travels. Good luck and bike safe.

  10. Hi im paul from Mr. Ms class. I was wondering if u have ever hith hiked or caught a ride on a car/bus. So are u healthy and clean? I hope so. Well good luck!

  11. Hello from Costa Rica ! Glad to see you passing here. !

  12. I love COSTA RICA

  13. Hiiya, I am from Birchwood Wisconsin! This looks really super cool!🙂

  14. Hi!!! i am from kamuk school of Costa Rica I just wanna to pass and see how is the page and of corse you…I hope that you are good and very stong jaja…Good Bless You!!!

  15. Hey,
    This is ME!!!
    ATM im in miss. lord-morgans’ class.
    Im having fun u sould also.

  16. hi teacher Andrew!!
    you remember me?? Im from the SEK school in
    Chile , im in 4 grade and i present the omiti dance
    …good bye!

  17. hi teacher andrew im i wish you have mary crisht mass

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