Posted by: andrewedwardmorgan | April 9, 2008

Week 26 Stats

Sunday 4/6/08 Penonome, Panama

Week 26 Stats

Start city: Golfito, Costa Rica
End city: Penonome, Panama
Total distance traveled: 266 miles
Days on the bike: 6
Average miles per day of riding: 44.3 miles
Longest day: 68 miles
Shortest day: 19 miles

Total money spent: $55.20
Average per day: $7.89

Border crossings: 1
Time spent crossing into Panama: 15 minutes
Cost to cross from Costa Rica into Panama: $6 U.S.
Nights camped out this week: 7
Average price for a bottle of Coke in Panama: $0.30 U.S.
Nights spent camped out behind police stations: 2
Amount of water I consumed each day while riding in hot and humid Panama: 6 or 7 liters
Amount of sweat I poured on the road each day: About 6 or 7 liters


  1. hey,
    its Laura I know you dont know which girl Im but iM the girl from Colegio Jorge Washington I was the girl that asked if you were married and if you had a girl friend I sent yo a card I hope you recived it good luck on your journey!!!

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