Below you’ll find a map with my route outlined in red and blue. Click on the map to enlarge it and then zoom in to get a better view.

When I set out from New Jersey in 2007, I had hoped to split the trip into two distinct sections:  a one-year ride through the Americas, and a one-year ride through eastern Africa.  As they often do, things changed once on the road.  The ride to Buenos Aires took a year and a half.  And while in Cusco, Peru, I was offered an incredible job with an educational development organization in Uganda.  Once I reached Buenos Aires I flew to Uganda, where I worked and lived for a year and a half.  At the end of my contract there, three years after starting my ride, I decided to end the trip and fly back home.  My time in Uganda, and the short few-day bike trips I took there, however, showed me just how spectacular the cycling in Central East Africa can be.  One day I’d love to return :)





  1. sweet man. Thats a crazy long trip. The site looks awesome. Kudos to you bill and everyone else that worked on it

  2. Hay Andrew,
    I’m a second year JET living in Kagoshima-ken. I too bike to and from school everyday, not having a car and not enjoying walking with my laptop on my back.

    I am utterly in awe of your planned trip.

    Last year on Okinoerabu-jima I met a 60-something year old woman who was nearing the end of her bike ride from the north to the south of Japan. She was a water-colourist and showed me the pads she had filled with scenes from all over Japan on her route.

    Your project is just as beautiful an idea, and perhaps one day – if I too can stop procrastinating – it’ll be one I follow in the footsteps of.

    Good luck and all the best,

  3. I’m a friend of Matt and Jenna, they turned me on to your site and I have got to say what you are doing is awesome. Good luck and I look forward to the updates of your adventure.

    Aloha, Scott

  4. Hi, I’m a fellow world traveler, avid cyclist and south jerseyan as well. I’m now an ESL teacher at a middle school in the Bronx. My mom mailed me the article that was in The Trend. All I can say is YOU ARE AWESOME. I’m so looking forward to following your trip, and maybe getting my students on board as well!! Kudos!

  5. hey it’s been a while…but after i heard about this adventure…i am in complete aw. i will be following you too!!!!
    have a safe and amazing trip Andrew!


  6. Andrew!!!

    You are truly amazing, and a powerful example of dreaming BIG, making a difference, and pursuing your dreams – one pedal at a time.

    I’ll be following your journey too and sending lots of great energy from San Francisco. You are such an inspiration. I’ve forwarded your site on to all my friends and listed you as a favorite site on my blog. If I can help with anything please let me know. Wishing you a safe trip :)

    Abrazos!! :-)

  7. Andrew,

    You are truly an inspiration! Most people just dream without the courage to follow their dreams! I saw you in a Starbucks just outside of Fredericksburg, VA. I wish my children were with me. What a role model you are!

    I will be following your journey. Great luck!

  8. wow your going to Egypt! Im ten.I would love to take a bikeride like that!I take bikerides with my dad,sometimes eight miles…Tops. good luck,nathan

  9. Andrew,
    You da man!! I have been promoting and talking up your trip to everyone. Is there a way to send donations to help fund your journey. Good luck brother. I will track you everyday.
    peace Love and Burritos,

  10. yo

  11. Keep on going

  12. Hi Andrew-I don’t know when you’re going to be in Chile, but I will be in Santiago starting June 2008 so if you need a place to stay or connections with a school (hopefully I will be helping teach English there) let me know!
    This is a truly inspirational idea!

  13. Heyo Andrew, I’m in Miss Baron’s class at West Orange Highschool. Awesome to see you’re still doing good and got so far in eight weeks. Good Luck for the rest dude

  14. Hey,Andrew hope you are doing great man!

  15. For your next trip you should have some sort of beacon so we could look up exactly where you are… although that could maybe get you robbed easier. Maybe updating the route with a star for where you are may be the cheaper safer way.

  16. keep it up

  17. Hey what going on my friend, I’ve only know you since what about 13 yr old, never would have thought you’d be this crazy to ride halfway around the world. Its awsome though and you provide great inspiration to the people around you. Be safe enjoy Cherry Hill NJ

  18. So I thought of you again today. Here I am working from home today. It is now 3 o’clock, I haven’t left home and I am totally beat. How do you ride 50+ miles everyday, cook most your meals, get stressed, think all day, deal with tons of people and different climates, all while updating the world before setting up camp? Maybe it has something to do with not doing as much as you do everyday…or he philly cheesesteak I will eat tomorrow for lunch. what ever it is, I give you a lot of credit. I want to go with you next time.

  19. Andrew,
    Hey I’m back home in the northern climes of Saskatchewan. It was my pleasure meeting you and spending time discussing literature, Canlit in particular, surfing, and life with you at Maderas Beach in Nica.
    Travel safe guy.
    Let me know when you are coming to Canada.

  20. Hello!!

    I’m Selma from Veracruz, Mexico!!
    Is this the original bike trip you’re taking then? Wow, I didn’t know it was this long!! It sounds great, have a safe biking trip and also a lot of fun!

  21. Hi Andrew,
    I am friends with Mariette in Austin, TX and heard about your crazy adventure. I lived in Cuenca, Ecuador for about 7 months a few years back. Ride through the Cajas National Park into Cuenca if you can – it is beautiful!
    Enjoy the ride and best wishes,

  22. good job so far.keep it up

  23. Increible. Gracias por visitar nuestra sur america con esa actitud que solo valientes y dreamers como vos podrian hacerlo. Bienvenido a Argentina y te deceo la mejor de la suerte. Verdaderamente me encanta!!

  24. Aloha (:
    I am so proud of you (:

    Two thumbs up on creating a lifestyle and income that is based on integrity – which seems rare now a days! I feel that the new paradigm emerging for our global society will be based on ethics and integrity and anything other than that will crumble.

    In our modern society, technology and materialism has caused people to become anti-social and distracted from things in life/ real experience that may be most enriching- like real loving interaction with people and wisdom from experience as people serve as reflections for us to observe.

    Ironically I had decided in the last year to become a traveling nomad with my camping van and fund it with my mobile healing business- essential oils, yoga, raw food education & detox. energy work, & crystal bowl sound healing.

    It must run in the blood.

    So much love to you (:

  25. Very impressive! I’m just finishing a teaching contract in Thailand and I’ve just started planning a bike tour myself. I love your altruistic attitude and I wish you all the best and success!

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